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Add curb appeal without blowing your budget

Why do builders use gardenUP?

We can be a valued partner when it comes to the finishing touches. gardenUP provides landscape de-sign, delivery, and installation that’s quick, easy and fits all construction budgets.

Why do realtors use gardenUP?

We offer instant beauty and curb appeal to help with a faster sale. You stage the inside of a home; why not stage the outside of a home?

Why GardenUp?

  • It’s easy - design, delivery, and installation when you’re site is ready.
  • It’s affordable - direct from the grower and direct to your job site.
  • It’s efficient - select more than one design for more than one home.
  • It’s functional - select more than one design for more than one planting.
  • It’s fast - get quick delivery and installation.

If you are building a home or a professional selling a home and want to know more about gardenUP commercial programs, give us some information and we will have someone contact you directly.

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